wife to an extraordinary husband. mama to three very loving kiddos. calligrapher and illustrator. enthusiastic creative.

Have you ever felt so called to do something that it never seemed like a decision at all? This is how I would describe my inability to define the exact moment when I chose to make art my livelihood. There was no exact moment. My need & ability to create has always been a part of my being. It is my vocation; my calling. It is what my heart has been guiding me towards all along. I create artwork to enliven spaces. To share joy & inspire others. My work celebrates life's big moments, little triumphs, and the quiet, simple times in between. I have chosen to follow a direction with my life that feels natural, that uses the gifts I have been given, and allows me to be present. To create a nurturing home and raise my kiddos to be kind and joyfully creative souls.  I hope that my artwork reflects & celebrates what is real and important in your life.



I'm always ready for a new challenge or a chat- let's connect!  /  585.313.5565