buffalo and babies

I was beginning to worry myself over this blogging hiatus. Finally, we are unpacked and settled in Buffalo! I find it very hard to relax and work on things when i can't locate my supplies. So yippee, all is well. And so begins what i hope to be a much happier, more inspiring, and wonderfully productive year. My first project this fall is a commission from my very loyal customer cousin Megan. She is delightful. This is a 12x24" acrylic painting on canvas, with some felt accenting. I think those tactile elements really add to the whole baby feel. I hope they like it. Thanks Megan!



Tomorrow I have a crafting/play date with Cecelia and baby Ella. I am very excited to see her, as she is a wonderful friend and fellow crafting enthusiast. We are going to the Albright Knox to catch up and sketch people in the park. Can't wait for my big day ahead!