i think i'm going to miss green

Now that it's getting cold, and the leaves changing colors and falling, I especially enjoy making things that are still green. Like coniferous (Christmas) trees and grass. After I finished this batch of cards, I really wish I had written 'jingle' on the top instead of 'noel'. It would have been a bit more fitting. Next time. jingle1 jingle2

I did this small 5x7 painting tonight for a frame that I've had sitting around for a while. I'm in the process of choosing a color for it before I officially frame it.  Any thoughts on teal? Navy?  This summer I painted my cousin Lauren in a field of pinwheels, and thought I'd do another pinwheel themed illustration. I think it's a pretty happy little piece.


Tomorrow I am supposed to be getting a new shipment of envelopes and clear bags in. I'm pretty excited about them coming in, because i've had to design most of my cards thus far around a surplus of ivory 4bar envelopes, and I have a lot of white cardstock to use. Now I have options. Freedom!