apple cider season

Last week I got in my white envelopes, and have been in a packaging frenzy. I finished up these thank you's, all individually printed with a hand cut linoleum block and stitched.  I'm really into carving these blocks, so I'll have to start thinking up some new designs. lino-thx

In an attempt to make my stitched wall pieces more marketable, I decided to make custom initials. I was working on an 'M' last night, and I think it turned out well. Nice and simple. It's only 3in in diameter, which makes it a perfect little grab and go gift.  I plan to work on a few more letters before the show.


Now that the winter is almost here, I've been falling into my cold season hobby of crocheting. I enjoy this because it's so easy to work on while I sit on the couch under a warm blanket, drinking apple cider. I taught myself how to make doilies last week, which is very grandmotherly of me, but I shortened the pattern to only a few rounds and I'm in the process of discovering new uses for them.


So far, this is the best I've come up with. I'm expecting a revelation early next week.