fun & fancy things

Okay, this was an awesome opportunity- I got to use my dip fountain pen with white ink for my last calligraphy job! I know you probably think that didn't deserve all of the added enthusiasm of the exclamation point, but I assure you, it did.  What else was awesome about this job?  I got to put together the entire set:  outer envelopes, inner RSVP envelopes, and return addresses, which really helped make the whole look. Anyone else need wedding calligraphy done?  I'm ready to use bold colors & fancy metallic inks!

I'm getting pretty pumped for the Hearts & Crafts show next weekend (while still panicking about the time frame), and I'm doing my best to create some new prints and small original art pieces.  I managed to get a few done today, featuring some of my favorite songs, currently.

Revisited one of my favorite Kahlil Gibran quotes for a custom wedding gift.  The first piece I did with this saying has been one of my most popular prints, but I enjoy switching things up too, and really like the re-rendered 'love' at the beginning of this one.

I've gotten a few logo, blog header, and business card design jobs recently, which is a nice change of pace from the repetition of envelope calligraphy.  This is the first of several, for a former Rochesterian who runs a program based on reaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and self image.