additions to houses & families

Gosh. It's been almost a month since my last post.  We have been very busy making our new house our home, and I've also had a few projects on the back burner since my paints were buried.  I am looking forward to sharing those soon(ish). For now, here is the end result of this summer's buffet renovation. The white was actually quite simple, since the piece had such great detailing to begin with.  I love the inlaid stars on the drawer, and we ended up keeping the old hardware so that they weren't covered up.

This is another baby shower invitation that I recently made.  I am pretty happy with the lacy look of the inner envelopes. It folded in around the actual card, and felt appropriately sweet for a little baby girl.  I also used my custom logo stamp on the luxe blush envelopes, which ended up being a pretty subtle way to go about branding.