hand (writing & warming)

I recently finished up a big calligraphy job for the absolute nicest former coworker, Allison, from my favorite stationery store.  It was easy to become interested in illustrating and designing specifically for the wedding industry while I was around the inspiring, fun, & talented ladies at Poême ; so obviously I was thrilled to work on these.  And I think I might like this slanted addressing, too. allisonenv2


It is nice to see a bit of freedom in my schedule now, before another wave of invitations begin. I've been finding tiny bits of time here and there to work on some adorably small projects (notice how cute that sentence sounds?).  I whipped up this 'pair and a spare' set of mittens just last week for a lucky little lovebug.



it's free shipping time, friends!

I know I've said this before, but I quite dislike venturing out for holiday shopping. Too many people in a hurry.  Too much time wasted, thinking the perfect items are going to jump out at me as obvious gifts for people I love.  Sometimes it happens so easily like that. It does. But more often I come home after having carried something around the store for far too long, only to put it back on the shelf and leave.  I have to admit, for the last few years I've been taking a more comfortable route; sitting at my computer in my sweatpants with a mug of coffee, clicking on the shopping cart icon, and waiting for my presents to show up on the doorstep.  As an added bonus- it's so much easier to enjoy the snow when I don't have to scrape off my car and drive through it. Liam agrees with me. So here's my gift to you, friends: free shipping on anything from my etsy shop until the new year- weee! Ornaments, cards, prints, gift sets, pure joy. Go on and find something for someone (or for yourself)!


peace amidst productivity & panic

It's so easy to get swept up in the panic of the holiday shopping season isn't it? For the most part, I try to avoid crowds and, at the very least, decide who will be getting what early on.  I am behind this year. Honestly, where did November go? At any rate, it's always a constant struggle between things I want to get done & things I need to get done.  I have the winter show at RIT again this year to do some last minute creations for, and at the same time I hope to show Liam a calm & joyful first Christmas. The wreath below is a nice reminder for any month, but I find it especially grounding around this time. Find peace in something this holiday season!

pine trees & other preparations

It dawned on me recently- it's time to start preparing for (or at least thinking about) winter shows already. Good grief! I'm determined to get a calendar of some sort done in the next few weeks, and beyond that my time is probably best spent making a lot of lists. Thankfully I'm good at that. Last week I conquered a knit pine tree pattern from my favorite needle crafting & sewing site. I'm thinking this would make a pretty stinkin' cute mountain, too.  I might try that next. What would YOU like to see me do this year?

a shower & a showcase

This last weekend I attended two majorly fun events:  One, a shower, to welcome the sweetest little girl Emmie to this world, and congratulate her super proud & beaming parents.  The other, a birthday party, showcasing the work of one lovely Amy Rau of greengirlpress. She somehow found a way to make our collaborative calendars from last year even more gorgeous. Bravo! I am very much looking forward to the official relaunch of her webpage, coming in November. This wonderful teaming up of Amy and I....well, we are about to bring lots of beautiful things your way. Be excited.

Spoiler alert!  Hmm, whose date could that be...

showers & sprinkles

This was my evening snack last night. Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles will always be one of my favorite indulgences. I love when the colors start to dissolve and create rainbow swirls. Just MAGICAL.

For my cousin's fiance's bridal shower yesterday I made a custom return address stamp & a wreath with their house number on it.  I used a similar technique as my christmas ornaments from this year, except that I crocheted with jute on a masonite ring instead. It was a bit tricky since the jute has so many loose fibers, and doesn't slide easily on the hook, but I like the natural texture look much more than yarn.


a very blessed weekend

Some photos from Liam's baptism and brunch last weekend. We had a beautiful day filled with loving family and thoughtful friends. All the details came together just as I'd hoped, and we ended the evening at a hot air balloon launch at Letchworth State Park. Even though they didn't fly across the gorge, it was pretty awesome to get a shot with them in the background since I had one on the invitations.  How cool was that?! We are so very lucky.

celebrating love

One of my newest wedding calligraphy jobs: navy ink on square envelopes. Love how classic these turned out! I am so unbelievably excited to see this invitation suite- the bride is featuring my calligraphy on the invite & enclosure cards alongside her bridesmaid's hydrangea pattern designed pocketfold.  I'll be sharing more photos of the ensemble after their big day.

Made this little gold doily for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. Kudos to those two love birds for finding the secret to staying happily together for so long- they just create fun times!

Calligraphy for my talented friend Meredith's wedding, and a special envelope for the lovely bride herself.

A tea party bridal shower invite. Trying to mix things up a bit with some asymmetrically punched corners!

I'm really really pumped about etsy starting a wedding registry! I've been hoping to make some more printable invitations for my shop, and anticipate a large number of brides visiting etsy with this new feature. Getting married?  Go check it out and register for some awesome handmade items for your home!

more christening creations

My cousin's daughter was baptized last weekend & this was a small piece that I made for her.  She had a completely beautiful day.  Lately I am feeling very blessed to be surrounded by all these adorable little babies!  The doily/dresser scarf underneath was an adaption of a technique that I saw on the purlbee website.  I need to refine my process a bit, I think.  The "star of mommy's blog", himself  (found the bib at Target and couldn't resist).

Busy week getting ready for our trip to Cincinnati on thursday. More projects to post later.

new season, new life

My grandmother passed away last weekend. We've been reminiscing about cherished memories lots, but mostly thinking about the new life that she is enjoying now. She will be missed dearly. Below is a program cover I did in her honor for the service.

I finished a really neat wedding calligraphy job last week. The inner envelopes were kraft paper pocketfolds with a chocolate ink, and the inner envelopes were brown with a 'bell bronze' metallic ink.  Is it silly of my to be geeked out about this?

This wedding ensemble is for the sister of a dear friend, who wanted a rustic themed invitation.

Made a second version of the adorable aviator hat from a few posts ago for Liam for next winter.

Here's to new life this spring!

mostly march musings

Spring is here, yay!  Time for bright colors and new projects. These carnations are some of the prettiest I've seen, from my birthday.  The fuchsias, magentas, & corals are seriously gorgeous. The best part?  They are STILL thriving! Lots more time to enjoy these blooms.

I'm so excited about every detail that has gone into this wedding suite.  I recently completed some extras for this awesome bride, including a program cover, table number graphic, monogram, and several additional motifs for around and about on her wedding day. The dog and cat illustration features Bryanne's  own Daisy and Nash.

An upcoming calligraphy job.  Brown ink on kraft pocketfolds, and light bronze ink on chocolate envelopes- so pumped to get started!

An etsy request for a new Avett Brother's print.

Even though warmer weather is here, I couldn't resist one last cowl for the season.  This one was from The Velvet Acorn on etsy.  Most of her patterns are available in both adult and child sizes, so of course next year I'll be making a miniature for Liam.

handsome boys, handmade knits

Wanting to share a hat that I made last week- my first attempt at fair isle, which ended up being a lot easier than I expected. This pattern was also from the purl bee. I'm excited to try charting out my own patterns to create.

The aviator hat below is one that I made for Cecelia's son Freddie's first birthday. The original pattern was from etsy, and I altered it with the stripes at the top. Hoping to get this to him and snap a shot of that cute little boy soon.

whimsical weddings & winter wearables

Modeling a cowl that I made recently for a wonderful friend's birthday.  This pattern was from one of my favorite knitting/sewing/embroidery sites, the purl bee. This is the second one I made, and I love how it turns out.  Seriously, go make one.  You won't be disappointed. And how awesome are the colors of Amazing yarn? I mean.... come on.

Another recent favorite wedding invitation suite for a bride that I met at the RIT alumni craft sale.  This was my first time including a map, which I had a lot of fun with. I like the contemporary vintage (if that's possible) theme that she has going on.


Getting pretty excited to share some new knit projects soon. And perhaps a new Avett Brothers print too.

one month

As many of you know, I have taken a short break from posting while I adjust to motherhood & help introduce the world to our son Liam Michael Place.  He was born on New Years' day, which makes him one month old today- how time flies! He is our most tiring and rewarding creation, and fills us daily with the greatest joy. I am looking forward to sharing more about this wonderful new life soon.

I have new projects to post shortly- lots of wedding invitation jobs are coming up, filling my sketchbook with florals, banners, and chevrons.  Can't wait to share!

wonderful new winter things

This is just the sweetest little thing I've seen lately.  Michael and I picked one up for our baby while at the holiday Hearts & Crafts show on Sunday.  Made by sweetpeafelts, this delicate little bundle sits in half of a walnut shell.  PRECIOUS!

So proud to share the completed greengirlpress calendar for 2012, featuring my calligraphy, and Amy's beautiful design.  Each calendar varies slightly, as she individually watercolored each one- so cool!

A tiny little blanket for my friend Emily's sweet little baby, due this spring! I love this camel color for her.


RIT show ready

Here are a few things that I've managed to get together before the Annual Winter Crafts show at RIT tomorrow.  It will be in the SAU and fireside lounge from 10-4pm, so stop by if you're around campus!

Still brainstorming my banner on this wreath. I am thinking "be joyful".

Ok, so this won't be with me at the booth -  it's a sneak peak of a new piece of furniture I'm working on.


Yesterday I spent a long time working with a more muted color palette, trying to work on illustrations of small crocheted pieces.  The heart is actually an ornament that I have made a few of, and find to be delicate and simple enough to be appropriate for year round decor.  I have been meaning to use one of a granny square for a series of prints or greeting cards, to appeal to those dedicated yarn crafters and granny lovers <3   The last image is an experimental watercolor of a feather, which I ended up really enjoying.  I might do several small originals to frame for my next show, an annual alumni craft sale at RIT.

changing season creations

I am loving this weather!  It's always so refreshing to be comfortable in jeans and a tshirt or sweatshirt outside, and it's perfect for furniture refinishing.  This piece we came across at our favorite church flea market, which I mentioned a few posts back. We had been on the hunt for a buffet, and this happens to match in a quite extraordinary way to the china cabinet that we got from the salvation army a few years ago.  Can't wait to give this a good sand and polish it up!  We are planning on white for the top and sides, and sanding down to the natural wood grain for the front.  I'll post progress photos as we get working on it.

The most recent invitation that I've done, for my lovely cousin Molly.  She is accenting a very classic black and white wedding with tiffany blue and an eggplant purple, which I think will be so elegant. I loved the different elements here, especially my new baker's twine & metallic teal ink envelope calligraphy!

This is a sneak peak to something that I'm working on for my fall and holiday shows.  I've been making felt ornaments for a few years now, and thought this year that I'd create designs to coordinate with some of my more popular prints.  I plan on selling them as a packaged set, with some sort of gift wrapping. I will post more of the combinations next week.

Still keeping up with tiny little baby creations.  This one was knit from a (free!) pattern on the lion brand yarn site. I attempted making this after being inspired by the adorable blabla knit stuffed animals.