mmm monday

Enjoying being a home-keeper today; beginning another bean sprout growing process and making granola bites.  What is it about rainbow sprinkles that makes food look so much more deliciously delightful?  Oh, that's right- rainbows.  There are way too many recipes on pinterest that need to make my 'to-make' list!

new jumping kicks

This week, Liam got a little blister on his toe from all the jolly jumper excitement.  Not a moment too soon, I decided he needed some shoes to wear (they will likely help him hop to unprecedented heights).  The pattern is from Twirlybird on etsy, and was so easy to follow.  I made them out of some denim I had from a pair of old jeans.  I am dying to make her hightop boot pattern, too. That little boy might need a few pairs of each!

confetti cup success

You guys. Last night Michael and I made the most deliciously sweet and tart dessert ever. These confetti cups look and taste like pure magical goodness.  The cup is a sugar cookie and fruit loop combo, and the filling.... let's just say it involves a packet of ice blue raspberry lemonade kool-aid. I've heard it before, and I'll repeat it here: pinterest can easily ruin a waistline, but it does make for nice little cooking adventures. Do try these sometime this summer. Please.

a home for our favorite reads

I came across this pin a few months ago and had to hunt down some of these Ikea spice racks to repurpose into book shelves for Liam's room. Several weeks ago we took a road trip to Cincinnati and stopped at the Ikea out there to pick some up.  To our great disappointment, they didn't have them anymore! Thankfully, a dear friend was inspired to do the same for her little girl's room, and had some extras. And thus, my pinterest project was saved!