All of me & all of the blues and golds

This palette totally gets me. When I caught wind of the colors of this wedding & heard mention of the first dance song, my mind was already swirling with a mix of geometric and organic patterns in blues & golds.  The lyrics I chose to use were just begging to be lettered into some modular illustration, and I would be lying if i said i wasn't a sucker for the traditional diamond wedding reference. The gold calligraphy accents have been a thing for me in 2015, and because I was recently gifted a new set of Finetec gold watercolor pans, i anticipate this young love budding into something truly magical!

(Also, first post of 2016 in the books! Not a resolution, but I'm doing my best, haha)

the luckiest

I am going to have a truthful moment with you all right now: posting in a timely fashion is not a strength of mine. This custom song lyric piece is so far past due, that I am literally slumping in my chair just considering that this is my first update since November. To my dedicated subscribers- Thank you, & I'm still here!

This watercolor calligraphy piece was done at the request of an extremely kind former client, who wanted a special wedding gift for her friend. The wedding was to the tune of a charmingly rustic, pastel, garden party theme. If i do say so myself, I think even Ben Folds would feel all the heart flutters.

i will carry you

A fun anniversary commission for a former bridal client. My first time using gouache in a long long while & a fun experiment in doing an original piece on cardboard. Lots of playing around with layering & splattering techniques, alongside lots of trial & error testing the absorbent properties of the board. I'm quite happy with the organic feel of it.

paint all the flowers

This has to be THE most floral piece I have ever done. It also has to be one of my favorite floral watercolors ever. I think it's the combination of the graphic negative space, the colors, the variety of flowers, & obviously The Avett Brothers. Plus, it is going to one seriously cool bride. I'm working on some other 'day-of' things for her now, and I just can't wait to see photos of everything put together. I anticipate it being one stunning wedding day. 


Can I just say, illustrating first dance song lyrics is one of my favorite things. There is such a wide variety in sentiment, wedding style, and the personalities of the bride & groom.  The combination of all of those things into one piece is part challenge, part surprise, and always just plain fun. There's something so nice about having a memento for your home that doesn't have to read as wedding-themed, but is just as significant. 

A piece for some very dear friends of ours, who I hope are blessed with a lifetime of love & laughter! 

A piece for some very dear friends of ours, who I hope are blessed with a lifetime of love & laughter!