the luckiest

I am going to have a truthful moment with you all right now: posting in a timely fashion is not a strength of mine. This custom song lyric piece is so far past due, that I am literally slumping in my chair just considering that this is my first update since November. To my dedicated subscribers- Thank you, & I'm still here!

This watercolor calligraphy piece was done at the request of an extremely kind former client, who wanted a special wedding gift for her friend. The wedding was to the tune of a charmingly rustic, pastel, garden party theme. If i do say so myself, I think even Ben Folds would feel all the heart flutters.

i will carry you

A fun anniversary commission for a former bridal client. My first time using gouache in a long long while & a fun experiment in doing an original piece on cardboard. Lots of playing around with layering & splattering techniques, alongside lots of trial & error testing the absorbent properties of the board. I'm quite happy with the organic feel of it.

former bride, fellow mama

I've been patiently waiting to share a project that I finished this winter for a former (and favorite!) bridal client of mine. Her very thoughtful husband commissioned me to do a watercolor portrait of Lindsey & their daughter Carolina for Christmas. The two of them are framed with some floral motifs that I used on the wedding invitation I designed for them, and It's such a nice thought to know that that pretty girl is the result of the very special promise that they made to each other that day. Many more happy years of mamahood to you, Lindsey! 


spring 2014 stationery

With the heat wave this week, I have to admit; I've got floral fever. I'm ready for lots of fresh wildflower bouquets on the kitchen table, and tiny crocuses poking out along our front walk any day now. I'm going full force with the bright colors, and I aim to not stop until fall. Who's with me?!

I printed a handful of new stationery designs for the Boutique Bridal Party a few weeks back, and I'm hoping to get them in the shop by the end of the week (maybe wednesday night, as 10 more inches of snow pummel Rochester).  After this next storm, I'm sure everyone will be in the market for some thank you's!


Jeremiah 29:11

This last weekend I got to celebrate my beautiful niece Emily at her christening.  I always love working on new calligraphy pieces for family because there is an entirely new dimension to the care and love (and time!) put into them. For this one I spent a whole evening (I got a little carried away) researching flower meanings to find something that would fit the passage that I was using. After much thought I decided on alstroemerias, commonly known as peruvian lilies. Aside from being completely beautiful flowers, they are said to represent friendship, wealth, & prosperity. I also included a tiny daisy for innocence and purity. A close contender were blue irises, which symbolize faith & hope. Maybe next time! Anyway, I was really excited about the way that everything turned out. It's perfectly little girlish for now, but hopefully she doesn't grow out of it for a while. Welcome to the church, pretty little lady!


brides & babies

Well look at me. Getting all fancy with my matching coffee, twine, & binder; and my table, specifically cleaned off for my first bridal consultation of the year! wooo weee!  I'm excited because my calendar for January and February is quickly filling up with new weddings, and it's a nice mix of different colors, themes, and responsibilities.  I like to alternate between envelope calligraphy jobs and custom invitations to give my hand a break or test out some new design ideas. consult-table

This calligraphy piece is heading to the nursery of a cute little girl, of this super awesome bride, and is meant to coordinate with a most beautiful rug from Anthropologie. It's one of my more colorful pieces to date, and I'm thinking it will look pretty darn magnificent to a child's eyes!



And finally, the thank you notes that we sent out for Liam's 1st birthday. That boy makes me melt!


inspired by: coldplay & christmas lights

I just love the grand spectacle that is Coldplay. This video has so much whimsy- it sort of feels like a children's pageant, doesn't it?  When the camera pans out, the stage looks so miniature and magical. Holiday music is so nice. [youtube]

those Christmas lights light up the street down where the sea and city meet may all your troubles soon be gone oh, Christmas lights, keep shinin' on