anniversaries for sweethearts

Thursday was Michael and my 4th anniversary. Wow! How can a period of time feel like an eternity, and also like the first day of our lives together just began yesterday?  Since our wedding, we've lived in 3 different cities, and moved 6, maybe 7 times.  Pretty much we are professional packers, furniture arrangers, & home makers.  I am very glad to have been settled into our house now for one year this week!  It feels nice to have some constancy, since Liam has already turned our lives upside-down (in a truly awesome way!). Michael gave me this beautiful succulent from Arena's, where our wedding flowers were from. Seriously, it is so cool.  It doesn't need to be planted; it just gets a quick spritz of water every week. I just love that guy; he is so sweet!

The pieces below were done for one of my bridal clients from last year.  She chose to have calligraphy pieces of her and her now husband's vows to match the envelopes I addressed for them.  They are quite large, about 14" tall, and will be matted and framed together.  Such a nice keepsake- happy one year to them!