Blossoms, and busy-ness

I've been fairly preoccupied around my studio area with the big move to Buffalo in the next two weeks.  I'm hoping to get a painting done to some level of completion before I send it to my friend Chris to work on. He asked if I would be interested in doing a collaborative painting for his next exhibit. Obviously I'm very excited at the thought of getting my foot in the exhibiting door, and he has had his work in a number of fantastic galleries, including Gallery 1988. That being said, I need to get going on that. This is an illustration I was working on yesterday to be used for a wedding ensemble. The snow capped cherry blossoms are meant to capture the combination of their winter wedding and the time that the husband will spend in China the following year. I will be sure to post the final product when my friend Jessi finishes the invitation design work. We are still looking into adding final touches to the illustration.