mostly march musings

Spring is here, yay!  Time for bright colors and new projects. These carnations are some of the prettiest I've seen, from my birthday.  The fuchsias, magentas, & corals are seriously gorgeous. The best part?  They are STILL thriving! Lots more time to enjoy these blooms.

I'm so excited about every detail that has gone into this wedding suite.  I recently completed some extras for this awesome bride, including a program cover, table number graphic, monogram, and several additional motifs for around and about on her wedding day. The dog and cat illustration features Bryanne's  own Daisy and Nash.

An upcoming calligraphy job.  Brown ink on kraft pocketfolds, and light bronze ink on chocolate envelopes- so pumped to get started!

An etsy request for a new Avett Brother's print.

Even though warmer weather is here, I couldn't resist one last cowl for the season.  This one was from The Velvet Acorn on etsy.  Most of her patterns are available in both adult and child sizes, so of course next year I'll be making a miniature for Liam.