All of me & all of the blues and golds

This palette totally gets me. When I caught wind of the colors of this wedding & heard mention of the first dance song, my mind was already swirling with a mix of geometric and organic patterns in blues & golds.  The lyrics I chose to use were just begging to be lettered into some modular illustration, and I would be lying if i said i wasn't a sucker for the traditional diamond wedding reference. The gold calligraphy accents have been a thing for me in 2015, and because I was recently gifted a new set of Finetec gold watercolor pans, i anticipate this young love budding into something truly magical!

(Also, first post of 2016 in the books! Not a resolution, but I'm doing my best, haha)

paint in gem tones anyway

This summer I was asked to do two very special pieces for a fellow RIT Alumnus. Working larger than my usual size, they were definitely a welcome challenge. For the Mother Teresa quote, I carved a linoleum block stamp to use over a raw edge watercolor border. It was a mixed technique experiment that pleasantly surprised me, & one that I definitely think suited the author. The second piece was custom vow artwork, co-written by the very sweet Mr. & Mrs. (I'll keep those sentiments mostly private, but there are some snippets shown below).

Calligraphy & Illustrations done with watercolor, gouache, & ink. Sized 18x24" and 16x20" on watercolor board.

the luckiest

I am going to have a truthful moment with you all right now: posting in a timely fashion is not a strength of mine. This custom song lyric piece is so far past due, that I am literally slumping in my chair just considering that this is my first update since November. To my dedicated subscribers- Thank you, & I'm still here!

This watercolor calligraphy piece was done at the request of an extremely kind former client, who wanted a special wedding gift for her friend. The wedding was to the tune of a charmingly rustic, pastel, garden party theme. If i do say so myself, I think even Ben Folds would feel all the heart flutters.

paint all the flowers

This has to be THE most floral piece I have ever done. It also has to be one of my favorite floral watercolors ever. I think it's the combination of the graphic negative space, the colors, the variety of flowers, & obviously The Avett Brothers. Plus, it is going to one seriously cool bride. I'm working on some other 'day-of' things for her now, and I just can't wait to see photos of everything put together. I anticipate it being one stunning wedding day. 

Psalm 139, for my son

This past sunday was a particularly special one for me. Firstly, it was Mother's Day, and what mama doesn't feel extra loved on a day dedicated to celebrating all that we do to raise children that are kind, generous, & full of life-giving spirit? I was especially aware this year of how full my heart is, just watching my two boys sit and stare at each other with beaming smiles & loving pokes. Contributing to this already blessed day, we also celebrated Henry's baptism. We were so proud to have him welcomed into our church community, and spent the rest of the day celebrating with family. It was a perfect Sunday.

I had created a special piece for Liam at the time of his baptism & have been excited to make something for Henry. Psalm 139 has always been one of my favorites, but I really like this more complete version of it.  Almost immediately after I had finished, I was in tears.  My hope is that these pieces are ones that my sons treasure into adolescence and beyond, not only because I made them, but because they are beautiful passages that carry truths about & wishes for them. 


That gold ink!

That gold ink!

Love, mom

Love, mom



Can I just say, illustrating first dance song lyrics is one of my favorite things. There is such a wide variety in sentiment, wedding style, and the personalities of the bride & groom.  The combination of all of those things into one piece is part challenge, part surprise, and always just plain fun. There's something so nice about having a memento for your home that doesn't have to read as wedding-themed, but is just as significant. 

A piece for some very dear friends of ours, who I hope are blessed with a lifetime of love & laughter! 

A piece for some very dear friends of ours, who I hope are blessed with a lifetime of love & laughter!